10 Years of Transformational Experiences within Hospitality, Travel & Tourism


Celebrating his 10th year of working within the Indian Ocean, and more specifically within the Maldives, Neil Shorthouse FIH, gives us an insight into his career and more recently into the set-up of Shorthouse Hospitality International.

During his college days Neil, started to work for the Trust House Forte group at a Crest Hotel, and stayed with the company during the transition period to a Forte Crest and then a Posthouse Hotel.  Having had a passion for working with people, and the industry at a young age it led him to study Hotel and Catering Management at a local college and then onto study Hotel, Catering and International Manager at Essex University.  Whilst at University, the opportunity to work overseas presented itself in the form of a six-month placement at EPCOT Centre, Walt Disney World, Florida, ever since this time, he has been fortunate enough to live, travel or work in every continent, this is evident as every few years a new passport application is made.

Having such a great passion for the industry, was about to be put to the test when on graduating and meeting with the major hotel players in the late 90’s, he was advised that in order to be a General Manager, a graduate had to work through food and beverage and that no other programme was available for students.  Dis-hearted and after spending five years studying, Neil thought that his career was over.  However, having worked for a mouse in Florida, all was not lost, as this mouse had decided to launch a new cruise line.  Neil interviewed and was hired as one of the very first crew members to join the team at Disney Cruise Line.  A new-found love and passion for the industry was formed, and one which is still very much part of Neil’s life to this very day.

In some ways having been given that hurdle, by the major hotel companies gave Neil the determination to succeed in all aspects of his work and for the various companies that he worked for over the coming years.  Whether for a luxury resort or for a major cruise line, a driving force behind Neil was his commitment and dedication to ensuring that within all of his working environments he was able to lead with integrity, honesty, transparency, trust and overall always had fun.  Through out Neil’s career he worked with a variety of individuals who always taught him something even at the time it didn’t make sense, looking back he can certainly identify defining moments within his career.

In 2014 following more than two decades of experience in creating industry-leading, revenue driving platforms for companies ranging from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500s.  Neil launched Shorthouse Hospitality International.   

Shorthouse Hospitality International (SHI) is a hospitality management consultancy headquartered in London with operations across Europe, Asia, the South Pacific Islands and the Middle East.  SHI provides a hands-on approach to services focused on operations, corporate audits, human capital, and signature projects.  Vertical markets include boutique hotels and resorts, cruise lines and private member clubs, yachts and residential estates.   Working from an individual project basis to full retained consultancy, SHI assists in identifying “who you are”, “where you want to be” and “how to get there”.  The brands SHI represents are not only each exquisite in their own way; but are all culturally authentic, emotionally compelling and completely unique Shorthouse has launched business endeavours for multi-national corporations and led world-class teams of hospitality professionals.  His portfolio includes The Walt Disney Company, Disney Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas, The Soneva Group, The World, Six Senses Hotels & Resorts and Cheval Blanc Randheli by LVMH-Hotel Management  

 Shorthouse says, “That our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public. We help them grow, sustain and transform their internal teams to maximize business performance and provide seamless and memorable guest experiences.”  “As a business, we strive to make the places people work and play more inspiring, more resilient, and more impactful.”  On talking about his team that works for SHI, “It is important for our team to take the time to understand our clients needs, by being fully engaged with them for the entire journey.”

More recently the team at SHI, have been working on various projects ranging from completing a full pre-opening assessment for a Spa & Wellness project in London, an operational view point for a new residential ship concept through to team building and leadership workshops for leading resorts in the Maldives.  During 2019 SHI is looking at opening regional offices in both the Maldives and Thailand.

As well as being a key-note speaker at events within the UK and Maldives, Neil is also a regarded Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, and global ambassador for unique and dynamic brands based in the USA and the UK.  More information can be found at www.shorthousehospitality,com or [email protected]

SHI works with the following guidelines:

Integrity - in all that we do | Trust - in our team and your team

Respect - for everyone | Communication - to ensure clear guidelines

Passion - to deliver and exceed | Lastly we always have Fun