Chef Rolf Fliegauf to make an Exclusive Guest Appearance at Angsana Velavaru


Angsana Velavaru announced to host three gala dinners and two cooking classes from 23rd to 25th November 2018. The courses will be hosted by the European culinary star, Chef Rolf Fliegauf to AZURRO in ocean restaurant. 

Chef Rolf Fliegauf, having spent most of his childhood observing the art of cooking at his parents' restaurant was destined to become a culinary star. He embraces the fundamentals of haute cuisine while remaining close to the principals of popular cuisine. He refers to this as “purist aroma cuisine”. 

“Aroma cuisine means that every ingredient retains its original favour. By combining the different components, I am able to optimally accentuate all of the flavours.” Chef Rolf said.

The German-born chef has expanded his culinary horizons to include an appreciation for regional fare, despite having come of age and flourished on Euro-centric cooking.

“Not so much the ingredients, but it’s the techniques... the tradition of serving a progression of smaller dishes. I love the Asian way of eating.” he added.

Angsana Velavaru is offers classy accommodation with a strong asain feel. It is most well known for it's InOcean water villas, stand-alone structures that is a kilometre away from the main island connected by boats across the lagoon. The resort attracts international crowds looking for affordable relaxation.

Chefs at the resort serve different varieties of local and international cuisines. With award-winning spa treatments, dolphin-watching trips and traditional Maldivian fishing dhoani trips, Angsana is truly a paradise in Maldives!

The resort is a 40-minute seaplane ride away from Velana International Airport.