Feel At Peace in Niyama Private Islands Maldives with Renowned Holistic Therapist Jane Wood


Niyama Private Islands Maldives has welcomed a renowned expert specializing in alternative medical treatments: Jade Wood is a Craniosacral and Feldenkrais therapist and certified yoga teacher. From October 22 to November 22, 2018, the 33-year-old Englishwoman will practice her holistic treatments and training sessions for the first time in the Maldives exclusively at Niyama's Drift Spa.

Inspired by her Malaysian grandmother, a blind healer, Jade Wood began practicing yoga, qi gong, and meditation regularly as a teenager. Now she has travelled half the world to learn alternative healing methods and to gain wisdom about a healthy interaction of body, mind and soul. In Bali, she has earned a certificate as a yoga teacher, and in Thailand she completed a two-year training programme as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist. Whether its in Switzerland, Bali, Spain, Sweden, Dubai or Thailand – Jade Wood is an internationally sought-after therapist, teacher and healer.

The treatments she will be offering in the idyllic Drift Spa in Niyama Private Islands Maldives include the following:

Feldenkrais Somatic Movement:

The Feldenkrais method assumes that learning to move with the young is over, and people have a fixed repertoire of movement. At this point Jade Wood starts with her Feldenkrais therapy. It shows the guests how they can break with their usual movement patterns and move slower, easier and more effectively. By changing the movements of the body posture and breathing is improved, so that complaints such as neck and back pain less or no longer occur. The Feldenkrais therapy with Jade Wood takes an hour.

Rejuvenating craniofacial massage with essential oils:

This unique treatment combines healing techniques with relaxing and aesthetic elements. Guests will enjoy a lifting facial massage, a soothing craniosacral scalp massage, stimulating lymphatic drainage and a stimulating ear reflexology massage. In addition, Jade Wood performs an acupressure of the head, face and neck. She uses a fragrant blend of healing rose, frankincense and rosemary oils. This Facial helps the skin to regenerate, improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and ensures a radiant and fresh complexion. The treatment lasts one hour.

Yoga Nidra Meditation:

The word Nidra comes from Sanskrit and means "sleep" or "non-consciousness". In this application, Jade Wood takes her calming voice on a meditative journey into deeper layers of consciousness. In meditation, a psychic sleep is achieved in which a connection is made to the forces that are in the unconscious. Physical, mental and emotional activities come to rest, energies can flow better again, which can reduce general conditions such as stress and nervousness. The one-hour Yoga Nidra Meditation is equivalent to a deep four-hour sleep.

Jade Wood is one of a series of international guest therapists gracing Niyama with their presence this year. Non-invasive cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Alessi from Los Angeles, healer David Zenon from Australia and nutritionist Paulo Fernandes from Portugal, are just a few making an appearance at the Drift Spa.

Located in the South-western side of Dhaalu Atoll in the Indian Ocean, the Niyama Private Islands lifestyle resort spans two islands: "Play" and "Chill" offer a luxurious double holiday experience in a stunning backdrop of white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation and turquoise waters – they are the perfect symbiosis between exciting island activities and absolute privacy in the high-end luxury sector. While the island “Chill” lives up to its name with the spa retreat Drift by Niyama, the fine-dining restaurant Edge, the underwater Subsix lounge and an open-air cinema, the “Play” offers a variety of activities for the adrenaline-seeking vacationer with some of the world's best surfing, water sports of all kinds and a tree house restaurant in six metres high.