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Gov’t allows integrated resorts on inhabited islands

Ministry of Tourism has stated that it is now permissible to establish integrated tourist resorts on inhabited islands.

As outlined in the regulations for Integrated Tourist Resort Development published in the Government Gazette by the tourism ministry, integrated tourist resorts situated in inhabited islands have the authority to create separate tourist resorts, hotels, and other amenities catering to tourists. The regulations also specify that within the integrated resort, facilities like restaurants and diving centres can be developed and operated for the benefit of both tourists residing in the integrated tourist resort and those visiting the island, as well as the general public.

Beautiful water villas in tropical Maldives island at the sunset time

Additionally, uninhabited islands and lagoons are also granted permission to operate integrated tourist resorts. According to the regulations, the land designated for tourist resort development within the integrated resort must be apportioned from the outskirts of an island. In integrated tourist resorts developed in inhabited islands and lagoons, an additional separate tourist resort may be established in 50% of the allocated area. Within an integrated tourist resort, individual hotels can occupy 85% of the allocated land area.


The tourism ministry has further decided to facilitate the development of yacht marinas within integrated tourist resorts. if an existing resort undergoes conversion into an integrated resort, a payment of USD1 million will be mandated, according to the regulations. The license to operate an integrated tourist resort is valid for a term of 20 years.

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