HamacLand, A New Floating Paradise Island


HamacLand™ is an innovative water-based recreational concept. It could be thought of as a cross between a personal island and a private VIP floating lounge, specially designed for luxury resorts and spas and ideally suited to their needs and expectations.

As an exclusive product, HamacLand™ invents a new lifestyle, creating differentiation while generating new activities and revenues.

This innovation—at the point where land meets sea and sea meets sky—offers HamacLanders a dedicated space on water, a private floating beach. HamacLand™ gives guests a brand new leisure experience, suspended between sea and sky and a unique new way to refresh their senses by offering honeymooners, friends and family a haven of privacy right on the water where they will enjoy unparalleled views of the horizon and their natural surroundings in total privacy, with unlimited opportunities for fun and relaxation and comfortably installed on this outlying, movable hammock base. Starting as a dream, this île flottante, a new French delight, is now a reality where guests can relax, explore and watch the world go by in exceptional comfort and complete safety, since the structure is securely anchored.

HamacLand™ can be used in many different ways, during daytime or evening-time hours, rented or made available to guests, delighting guests and inspiring lasting memories while creating differentiation and additional revenues for the resort from drinks, snacks, snorkeling, scuba diving, floating massages, and more since the floating lounges can be rented by the resort to guests on a daily or half-daily basis, allowing resorts achieve rapid ROI.

This exclusive, ground-breaking concept combines authentic emotional luxury and simplicity. Modular and multi-purpose, HamacLand™ is just as suited to sport and leisure as it is relaxation. An opportunity for HamacLanders to be at one with the elements and experience the delights of their own personal floating world, HamacLand™ creates a transcendent sensation of wellbeing and harmony. The ultimate place to enjoy time and company in total serenity, HamacLand™ is destined to become an absolute must for outdoor lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

HamacLand™ can be used very close to the shore (offering easy accessibility), or at a distance from the shore, in which case butler service via a dingy boat is recommended. Respecting marine life, it can be permanently “anchored” using a mooring buoy or towed back to shore after use, just like a Hobie catamaran.

HamacLand™ is a top-quality, multipurpose private beach solution, comfortably accommodating four people. It is fully customizable, and can be easily and tastefully adapted to your specific needs and expectations in terms of use or style. This is possible thanks to its sleek design, spacious surface area and great stability (approx. 14 sqm and 400 kg. as standard).

HamacLand™ can serve as a private floating lounge, where guests can sip exotic cocktails, order a bottle of Champagne to celebrate a special occasion, or even meet to discuss business in complete privacy. Guests can also share fun times around a picnic lunch or enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars, since the platform will easily and securely accommodate a table and two comfortable chairs.

HamacLand™ can also be used as a secluded floating spa, where guests can unwind and indulge themselves with a floating massage with a loved one at sunset, surrounded by serenity and beauty, particularly in your superb environment.

With its strong emotional power, HamacLand™ may also inspire your guests to reach for a more spiritual way of life, serving as a platform for meditation or yoga sessions.

As a private VIP floating lounge, equipped with four hammocks and a shade sail as standard, HamacLanders can simply relax in their comfortable hammocks, while watching the world go by, dreaming, sunbathing, reading, writing, snorkeling, diving, swimming with the dolphins or turtles, fishing and more.

Or why not use HamacLand™ as a private event space, such as a platform for an intimate floating wedding ceremony or a floating podium for a swimwear fashion show in between the sky and the sea?

HamacLand™ aims to set a new standard for eco-friendly leisure activities on the water at luxury waterfront hotels and resorts around the world.

The HamacLand™ concept is the ultimate in pure emotional luxury!

About HamacLand Concept

HamacLand Concept SAS was incorporated at La Seyne-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean’s Provencal coast to develop this innovative concept of private floating lounge and its countless extension options—including customized models—with their partner and extensive team of professionals who successfully turned this dream into a reality.

HamacLand™ was launched and showcased in the Principality of Monaco for the Worldwide Première where it appealed at first sight to the first HamacLanders who discovered and enjoyed the unique HamacLand™ experience on the Mediterranean.