Huvadhoo Association for Tourism Organizes Paddle out to Celebrate International Surfer Day 2019


World Surf League (WSL) organized a worldwide paddle out on 15th of June celebrating the International Surfing Day as a part of their Stop Trashing Our Waves moment. The main focus of the event with thousands of surfers around the globe was to show the world how surfers are stepping up their game to protect the ocean! 

Surfers has always been playing a huge role in the fight against the pollution of the oceans around the world. The fight against global warming has never been stronger as the climate change has a direct impact on the planet, destroying the natural wonders around the world. 

In the Maldives, Huvadhoo Association for Tourism (HAT) is organized a paddle out near Blue Bowls (Gdh Vaadhoo) in partnership with Ayada Maldives. The paddle out was carried away featured more than 30 surfers, including local surfers from Gaafu Dhaalu Vadhoo Island, and surfers from Ayada Maldives and Blue Shark Safari boat. 

To be a part of the make a pledge moment by WSL surfers needs to decide what they are willing to do this year to stop polluting oceans, post a photo with their post on social media with the hashtag #StopTrashingWaves. Staying committed to the pledges throughout time to hopefully see better oceans and waves in the future. 

The paddle out at Blue Bowls, Gdh. Vadhoo was WSL registered event organized in the Maldives. Huvadhoo Asociation for Tourism hopes to be a part of the fight against the environmental threats and to keep a good relationships with surfing community.