JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS, Christmas at Bandos Maldives has Begun!


The jingle of the bells and the sweet carols were heard as the festive celebrations kicked off at Bandos Maldives on 22 December. This year Bandos Maldives is following a rustic theme. The decorations being used throughout the festive were made by their very own creative associates. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the artistic decors you will find within the complex.

Wooden Chrismas Tree

All the Christmas trees around the resort are uniquely designed and are wood based. This Christmas tree is one of the biggest Christmas trees placed in the resort. Located at the main lobby, the tree is made of little tree branches, wooden ornaments and of course, Christmas lights. 

Banyan Wreaths

These beautiful wreaths are made using banyan tree roots. The roots are neatly crafted around cardboard cutouts and tied together to form these pieces. Over hundreds of wreaths were handmade by our beloved associates. The ornament is finished off with a string of Christmas lights. 

Wooden Snowmen

The wonderfully crafted snowmen around the island were made using parts of trees. Log pieces were stuck together and a touch of painted eyes, nose and buttons were drawn to complete the snowmen. Bandos Maldives sure hopes you will have a fun time meeting your friend Mr. Olaf and his summer loving cousins! 

Coconut Husk Christmas tree

The Christmas tree located at Huvan is made entirely out of coconut husks. The 3M tall tree has a metal structure keeping the tree standing strong on its roots. The lights within this tree were lit on the evening to indicate the beginning of festive celebrations at Bandos Maldives. 

Wooden Reindeer

With a few branches and log, Bandos' talented associates have made hundreds of wooden reindeers to match the beautiful rustic theme. Adorned with a little ribbon, the handmade reindeer can be spotted at all their outlets and as well as the lobby area. Be sure to say hi to Mr. Rudolph and his friends.

Article Source: http://bandosmaldives.com/v2/jingle-bells-jingle-bells-christmas-has-begun/