Lily International Initiated 5th year of SchapfenMühle Training in Germany with Outstanding Chefs in Maldives


Lily International Initiated 5th year of  SchapfenMühle Training in Germany with Outstanding  Chefs to across Maldives, this life time culinary experience will defiantly increase the level of  Bakery and Pastry industry .Lily International initiated this training in 2014 and recently concluded the 5th year Training session. Participants all around the world and best chefs in the Maldives, participated in the  5 day training with Master of Bakery’s and  supplies for the cuisines.

 Training sponsored by SchapfenMühle with affiliation of Lily International. This trip was organized with the main purpose of renew and modernize the knowledge of these chefs nominated from different resorts and hotels across the country get a better understanding of the new trends being developed across Europe in the bakery and pastry sector. Lily International strongly believes that improvement of Bakery & Pastry and maintaining quality standard is always important these chefs experienced the full extent of the new ideas, strategies and methods about the bakery and pastry sector from the prominent SchapfenMühle institute in Germany during their recent trip. 

About SchapfenMühle

SchapfenMühle is one of the oldest companies in the industry and are highly regarded company with state of art facilities and filled with experts of the industry. The company is a strong upholder of traditional values by mastering new technologies without forgetting the roots of their trade and since its foundation in 1452, SchapfenMühle has been one of the most prominent members of the baking trade. It is also an international provider with a broad range of innovative products, with a wide-ranging service portfolio. 

Note: SchapfenMühle is Ulm`s oldest flour mill. During the course of time it has developed into an enterprise with worldwide operations. Continuous investment in new technologies and products guarantees best quality.