Local Island Maalhos Students Compete in the ‘Zero Waste Challenge’


Students of the local Island — Maalhos in Baa Atoll has competed in the ‘Zero Waste Challange’ initiative to create awareness in the community and help the island get rid of single-use plastics.

The competition ran from May 19 to June 15. The winners will be announced June on 19.

The ‘Zero Waste Challenge’ is part of the ‘Namoona Baa’ initiative, launched in February by the island council presidents of Maalhos, Dharavandhoo, and Kihaadhoo in partnership with Soneva, which run the neighbouring Soneva Fushi resort. ‘Namoona Baa’ was launched in response to the waste and plastics crisis that is overwhelming the Maldives and ruining the environment.

The challenge has pitted different grades at the local school against each other. The school grade that manages to collect and segregate most garbage, which is then sent for recycling, wins the challenge.

“Our students have learnt the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling waste in order to keep a clean and healthy environment. This first-hand experience of zero waste will shape students’ lives to be brighter and healthier in future,” Abbas Hussein, Maalhos School principal said in a statement.

Prizes for school grades that collect the most recyclables include a trip to snorkel with manta rays at the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Hanifaru Bay, a lesson in astronomy at the Soneva Fushi observatory, and for younger children, a day-trip to The Den, the outstanding children’s play park at Soneva Fushi.

“What is taking place in Maalhos is an inspiration. The Zero Waste Challenge has inculcated positive behaviour, and households are now used to segregating waste and preparing it for recycling. Maalhos has never looked so clean, because students have been picking up litter from the beaches and the jungle,” Khady Hamid, Community Engagement Manager at Soneva Fushi, said.

Source: Maldives Insider