Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation calls for local talent to design their merchandizing bag for 2020


Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation has opened a competition to design their next merchandizing bag for the year 2020. The bags are part of the promotional materials used in fairs internationally and domestically every year. 

The merchandizing bags are one of the most popular giveaways at fairgrounds. They are designed to reflect the brand identity Maldives with promotional phrase “Visit Maldives” and the main tagline “…the sunny side of life”.

This is the first time the company opened the designing process for competition. The purpose of the competition is to give creative professionals a platform to design something that will be seen by millions worldwide. 

The winning design will be used thematically across several other promotional materials. Maldivians above the age of 18 and companies are eligible to enter the competition. The prize money for the winning design is MVR 25000. The deadline for entry is 11 June 2019. Rules for the competition can be seen on our website.