Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Trading Department as a Supplier


Incorporated as the first public company in the Maldives in 1980, MTCC’s trading activities include selling and distribution of outboard and inboard engines, power generators, lubricants and protective coatings for marine vessels among other services.

Find out more about activities and Product range   of MTCC with below QA session 

The Arrival: Have you introduced any new products, and what is your product range?

MTCC Trading: We would like to highlight that one of one of our key products is Castrol lubricants, which is globally known as a premier lubricant. Marine vessels mounted with Yanmar Marine Engine often choose Castrol as a lubricant. Today, Castrol is the market leader of lubricants in the Maldives with a sale of more than one million liters per year, and Castrol’s technological expertise and worldwide experience continues to meet the needs of customers.

Additionally, we revealed our XCMG products in 2017. Unlike other competitive brands such as Komatsu, JCB and Kobelco which offer similar solutions, XCMG is a premium product. However, there is a growing support for XCMG machineries and equipment for all traits of industrial and construction work in the Maldivian market

Further, the MTCC display at Kashavaru Showroom showcases nine world renowned brands, including Yanmar (Marine engines, generators and water pumps), Castrol (lubricants), Suzuki (outboard engines), Hamilton (water jet propulsion system), Marol (steering system), Sigma (protective coating) Scott Bader (boat building composites), PPG (marine and protective coating) and XCMG (heavy vehicles). Our products are directly related to the marine industry, and with upcoming developments in the hospitality sector, we will have a further boost to introduce a new range of products. 

The Arrival: What makes your products stand out from the competition?

MTCC Trading: We have well-versed backgrounds and the products we offer are the market leaders in their respective trades. We have our client’s best interests at heart, and with everything we have learned over the years, we’ll guide our clients through each stage of product usage, from outstanding customer service combined with outstanding after sales support. Our technically qualified staff who are skilled engineers and technicians will help to provide solutions that fits perfectly into any vessel owners needs.

The Arrival: Have you developed any new customer service initiatives?

MTCC Trading: Our first-rate after sales services! Our own service center with its expert technical team provides exceptional after sales services such as product installation, configuration, maintenance and repairs with cutting-edge technology and excellence. With attention to detail, everything can be customized as per your needs to the highest standards in quality. Our after sales services offers a dynamic competitive edge, which sets us apart from our competition as our customers expect complete solutions.

The Arrival: When was the company established?

MTCC Trading: The company’s Trading department came into existence when MTCC introduced Yanmar into the Maldivian market in 1981. 

The Arrival: What makes your company unique?

MTCC Trading: We select our products with the Maldivian marine industry in mind. We ensure the products are suitable for our usage and climate before introducing them. For example: Yanmar was first introduced to Maldives in 1973; Yanmar has been with us since 1981.  Most importantly, we look for something better than what is available in the Maldives, as we see development of the industry and local community itself to be very important. As for our service, we are arguably the best professional marine industry suppliers and maintenance company in terms of quality.

The Arrival: What are your thoughts in supplying products to the hospitality industry?

MTCC Trading: Presently, the bulk of our customers are mostly fishermen and other vessel owners.  We would like to assure the trust that is given to us by these industries also be felt by resort owners. We are committed to provide our clients with excellent products, individualized attention and unparalleled service with a total solution for all seagoing vessels.