MEET THE EXECUTIVE CHEF : Mohammed Tarique Aziz. Noku Maldives


Born in West Bengal,India, chef Tarique   discovered his love for cooking through his Father , who introduced him to the subtleties of Moden French  cuisine. When he travelled around the world for work, he adapted to the different flavours that came along. 

Now working As an Executive Chef , of Noku Maldives ,As he celebrates his journey as a chef ,Tarique   is proud to have one of the industry’s most creative culinary minds as the heart and soul of Noku Maldives Kitchen. 

The Arrival met chef Tarique at Noku Maldives !

 You have come from the West Bengal of India, how did your mind settle into the idea of getting into the culinary industry?

 Chef Tarique: My interest began at a young age, when I used to see my father cook, after my mothers health started deteriorating. His love and willingness was one of the reason why my love for food sparked.

 TA: You have more than a decade of experience in the industry, would you like to tell us about the journey?

 CT: I first started gaining knowledge with a three year course from Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management, during my second year I was presented with the opportunity to work with La Meridian in Bangalore, as a kitchen executive training. After the completion I got the chance to move to UAE, where I worked at Cove Rontana Resort, before moving onto Seychelles. 

TA: Tell us about the differences you see working in the Maldives compared to the other countries you have worked at? 

CT: Before Maldives, I was in Seychelles, its not much of a difference, just the hills and mountains missing here, and also we have got the seaplanes here! Food wise, Maldives has one of the richest cuisines I have seen in Asia. 

TA: We would love to hear about some of the countless experiences you have had over the years, what would you say has marked you for a lifetime?

 CT: There was two times that I got to serve royalty. Once was when I was working in W Doha, when we whipped up food for the King Al Thani and the next was at Qatar, serving for Prince Saud. The palace was astonishing, and what better to do than cook at such a magnificent place!

 TA: We heard that you have worked with Michelin Star chefs and that you are in many chef associations , and we are excited to know more, please enlighten us? 

CT: Yes, I have worked with two! Chef Denial Chamnon is from France and Chef Botrini is from Greece, he’s specialised in Italian. As for chef associations even at the time I was around 24 working in La Meridian in India, I became a member of South Indian Culinary Association (SICA), which was under Indian Food and Culinary Association (IFCA), where now I am a lifetime member. I am also a member of Saudi Arabian Chefs Table Circle and also a member of Workchefs WACS (World Association of Chef Societies). “As a chef we never have an end to learning, for me everyday I should learn something new or cook something new.” - Tarique Aziz