Now You Can Get Legally Married in the Maldives.


Did you know now you can get legally married in the Maldives? For most of our readers, the answer is unfortunately no until one of the innovative local tour operator made it possible with its recent collaboration with one of a British Church in England. Maldives is one of the most popular tropical wedding destinations in the world. With the recent addition, it has been a dream come true for many couples who wish to get married legally in Maldives. Earlier the wedding solution here in the Maldives is only a symbolic ceremony. With a symbolic or commitment ceremony .

“We are the first company to offer legal weddings in Maldives for tourist in our selective partner resorts in Maldives in collaboration with one the Churches from England. The certificate will be valid and legalized and it is issued from that Church as per the Master of Ceremony who is being imported from England for the wedding which made it all legally possible to take place with your dream destination wedding. Everything else just leave it to the us says the PR personnel from the local tour operator who is offering legal weddings for inbound tourist in Maldives. When a question being asked by Arrival staff she also said that their legal weddings would be an unforgettable unique experience and a milestone in the tourism industry of the Maldives. We started offering legal wedding packages to tourist with the restart of tourism after lockdown says the PR of the local tour operator. 


Here is  what their customer can expect on an unforgettable legal wedding ceremony in the tropical wedding destination the Maldives with the local tour operator. 

With the launch of the guesthouses Maldives has become a place which anyone can visit and the wedding package prices also make it more affordable to everyone. A romantic wedding ceremony at the Maldives will leave you with a lasting impression and some of the best memories of your life. The Maldives is one of the best places to consider for a legal wedding and honeymoon for her incomparable beauty. Needless to say, the islands of the Maldives are one of the most google searched after wedding destinations in the world and there are thousands of wedding venues in the Maldives to choose from. All the more reasons to plan your exotic wedding escape together with a dedicated wedding planner.

At the local tour operator, we will help you to choose the best island and spot for your ceremony and we will provide you with clear information about our signature wedding packages in the Maldives. 

All of our packages can be made absolutely unique and customised. We are specialised in organising and customising the most beautiful Maldives wedding you have ever dared dreaming of. 

Our signature packages are beautifully curated by our wedding experts from the Maldives, we can tailor-make the wedding package exactly to your expectations, dreams and wishes. You can modify, include, exclude and choose from the most unique wedding inclusions that we came up with during our many years of experience in the wedding industry on the gorgeous Maldives. 

You ideas are also very welcome and nothing is too much to ask or too crazy for us to try and arrange. 

We know the Maldives and all of its secret spots and it is our goal to organise unique weddings as we believe that no two weddings should be the same.