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Pampering Perfection at Island Spas

In the paradisiacal expanse of the Maldives, where luxury and tranquility converge, the spa scene is a testament to appeal and innovation. Amidst overwater treatment rooms and serene sound baths by the ocean, spas strive to exceed expectations and redefine indulgence. These elite resort offerings blend relaxation with extravagant ingredients, resulting in experiences that are nothing short of extraordinary. From immersive salt therapy to decadent 24-carat gold facials, the treatments offered at the finest addresses will leave indulgers feeling like royalty.

Soneva Jani elevates every experience to new heights, whether it’s indulging in treats at the ice cream and chocolate room or enjoying the adventure of the kids’ club featuring a zip line. Soneva Soul spa is equally exceptional. With a team of expert doctors ready to personalize wellness plans for guests, the spa offers up a plate of unique treatments. Among them, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy stands out as particularly distinctive, although it may not be suitable for those who experience claustrophobia. Guests have the opportunity to enter the pressurized oxygen chamber and relax, breathing in 100 percent pure oxygen for either 60 or 90 minutes, aiming to enhance cellular tissue regeneration, detoxification, and healing.

Step into Vakkaru Maldives, where luxury knows no bounds in its expansive 12-room overwater sanctuary. Thatched roofs and glass-bottomed floors grace the resort’s 113 villas, merging with the indulgent ambiance of the Merana Spa. Here, chocolate takes center stage with the Chocolate Massage—a 30 or 60-minute sensory journey infused with 100 percent liquid dark chocolate. Beyond its sumptuous allure, this therapeutic experience boasts a wealth of benefits, from boosting immunity to enhancing circulation and smoothing cellulite.


The Maldives first Himalayan Salt Chamber in Kudadoo Maldives’ Lonu Immersion therapy is the ultimate zen experience. Lonu Cave boasts ancient Himalayan salt walls, renowned for their mineral-rich composition dating back over 1,000 years. Immersing oneself in this salt chamber offers a natural remedy for clearing sinuses and soothing muscles by inhaling the healing salt air. Following this therapeutic experience, guests can indulge in Himalayan salt stone therapy, ensuring they emerge feeling thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated.

Resembling a multi-legged crustacean when viewed from above, the St. Regis’ Iridium Spa is a photographer’s dream capture. An ideal treatment for couples, the 210-minute Caviar Journey commences with a deep breathing exercise followed by a bamboo and fruit enzyme scrub. Subsequently, guests undergo a body buff utilizing anti-aging caviar proteins renowned for their firming and hydrating properties, before indulging in a full-body neroli oil massage. The journey culminates in a lavish experience featuring bubbles and Oscietra caviar while luxuriating in a

lavender-infused bath, all while admiring the mesmerizingly azure ocean vistas amid symmetrical architecture.

Is there anything more quintessentially “Maldives” than indulging in a massage on a secluded strip of sandbank? At Alila Kothaifaru’s Shack, spa experiences redefine tranquility and ‘being in the moment’. The 90-minute Sandbank Spa Essential package comprises a 30-minute Indian Head Massage and a 60-minute Foot Reflexology session, all set against the serene backdrop of the Indian Ocean’s shimmering, gentle waves.

The Balance Wellness spa at Anantara Veli recognizes the significance of a quality facial. Their standout treatment, the 90-minute Cleopatra 24-Karat Gold Facial, is hailed as the epitome of luxury skincare. Beginning with diamond microdermabrasion to exfoliate and enhance circulation, the treatment proceeds with LED Light Therapy to stimulate collagen production. Finally, a face oil infused with gold flakes and rose extract is delicately applied, leaving the complexion with a majestic radiance reminiscent of Cleopatra herself, the legendary queen celebrated for her beauty and allure throughout history.

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