The Jalboot Experience, A delightful way through the Maldivian waters


In a world that demands leisure and luxury, the sea transportation needed the next generation of what have already become norm of it. The solution? Jalboot Maldives, the sub branch of the Abu Dhabi based marine firm Jalboot Holdings.

Founded in 2013, Jalboot Holdings is owned by a single shareholder from the royal family of Abu Dhabi. With their vast experience in countries like UAE, China, Germany and Thailand, Jalboot is trying to ensure that every ride in the Maldives a magical experience with cutting edge tech and top-notch luxury. 

Along with the mesmerizing scenery of the Indian Ocean archipelago. Jalboot Maldives aims for a revolutionary transportation experience, where the travelers can enjoy the magical scenery while being at complete leisure and comfort same to the experiences of traveling by air. 

The catamaran-style dual hulled, water-jet and diesel engine powered crafts are 17 meters long, with a maximum capacity of 60 passengers and equipped with the latest safety measures, navigation and communication technology. 

Jalboot Maldives fleet includes the new generation of ferries to be used at luxury destinations throughout Maldives, including Jumeirah Vittaveli and Crossroads Maldives. The crafts are designed and built o make the whole experience joyful, reducing the common sea sickness during rough seas. The hull of the catamaran-style ferries are specialized to the waters of the Maldives dealing with the sudden jolts and jerks in choppy waters. 

One of the highlights of the luxurious ferries is their ability to come to a full stop in one and a half boat lengths whilst travelling at full speed. The vessels are International Association of Class Societies (IACS) classified and built in compliance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards, comprising many standard safety features such as life jackets for every passenger, a dedicated life raft on board and emergency exits. The vessels are also equipped with state-of-the-art fire detectors and mitigation equipment, digital distress signals, emergency DSC transmitters and EPIRB floating emergency beacons.

The interior of the air-conditioned crafts are designed to give the passengers a light and delightful experience. The seating arrangements inside the crafts give the passengers amazing views and a feeling of luxury- setting up the bar of sea traveling in the Maldives. 

Jalboot also strives for an sustainable and environment-friendly operations. Complying with MARPOL standards to maintain a zero-waste policy, ensuring that the waste produced in during the trips are kept onboard until they can be safely disposed. The ferries also feature the lasts, low emission diesel engine technology. 

Talking with us about Jalboot Maldives and the experience they offer, Senior Operations Manager of Jalboot Maldives, Shameem Mohamed Ismail said, “Jalboot is all about passenger convenient and their safety, all Jalboot vessels are RINA classification vessels, RINA is international vessels standers audit firm, we do annual survey and it’s big KPI for our seafare crews” 

Expanding their services in the Maldives, Jalboot Maldives will be providing an overall water transport solution for Crossroads as apart of a 10-year exclusive deal with Singha Estate. This includes 15 minutes long airport transfer from Velana International Airport to Crossroads along with the managing of the berth yacht marina owned by Crossroads.