The longest island to island open water Swimming in Maldives.


4th May 2019 as everyone geared up for the pre-Ramadan festival of 2019, Endurance Athlete Ahmed Athif Challenged  himself to swim from Hulhudhoo-Meedhoo to Hithadhoo, crossing an estimated 18km distance. According to Athif and the organisers, the main objective of this event is to draw attention to maritime pollution and raise awareness to save the oceans.

A small gathering was held on Friday afternoon in Meedhoo with support from Nala Fehi Meedhoo NGO to educate the community and school children about maritime pollution and conservation of the oceans.

The swim started at 7:45am Saturday morning from Meedhoo harbour and took 8 hours & 55 minutes to reach Hithadhoo Swimming track area. Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodig officiated the event and took part in the Swimming as well. In addition to Athif, renowned veteran open water swimmer Anwar Hussein successfully completed the incredibly challenging swim. Young  Addu Athletes Aaish, Nathoof, Ibaan, Shaha and Maavee from Maldives Lifeguards Association Addu, and Zawl, Yameen, Jaweesh, Minhaal, Ramsa and Yazka from Swim Addu participated in the swim. Towards end of the swim at 3km 28 young kids joined the swimmers and together completed the event.

This is a record for Swimming in the Maldives. Athif & Anwar have overcome overwhelming  challenges and succeeded to complete this momentous swim. This amazing event was successful with the help of many supporters and well wishers.

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