The Shark Island of the Maldives – A must for an Adventurer’s Bucket list


Sitting south of the Maldives and Stretching 6.8km in length and up to 2.1km in width, the splendid Fuvahmulah is surrounded with astounding marine sea creatures and dominated by rare sharks.

The casual lovers of marine activities are drawn to Maldives archipelago for colourful reef ecosystems, seeing manta rays and whale sharks up-close. However, this island in the Maldives offers another extraordinary, if less-well-known adventure. It is electrifying enough to send chills through the most experienced divers – diving with tiger sharks.

These macropredators are not a novelty in the Maldives; they have been spotted across atolls like the capital Kaafu and Southern Huvadhoo, but of these, however, are just lucky sightings of ‘passer-by’ sharks. For the divers who specifically seek tiger sharks, this destination is recently gaining popularity as the ideal place to regularly spot sea tigers in the Maldives.

If you’re planning to visit this island, you should venture beyond it, the dive school certified by Scuba Schools International (SSI), found and developed a special dive site called “Tiger’s Zoo” where you can witness the experience of seeing tiger sharks up close all year around. 

While the exact number of tiger sharks in Fuvahmulah is unknown, some estimate that the population may be around 200.

To promote local tourism in the Maldives this island has 4 diving centres and 5 guesthouses. Moreover, to promote Fuvahmulah as ‘Shark Island’, Equator Residence rebranded their name to “tiger shark residence”.