TORA FLORA FOOD FLIES IN FOR VEGAN TAKEOVER AT AMILLA FUSHI’S WELLNESS CAFÉ An Exceptional Molecular Culinary Experience in the Maldives


Luxury Maldives trendsetter Amilla Fushi invites guests to venture into vegan gastronomy with award-winning Swedish food designer and founder of Tora Flora Food, Chef Tora Olsson.  From 22 October to 7 November 2019, gastronomic artist and scientist Chef Tora will bring together science, art and a pinch of madness to create an exclusive lunch experience at the resort’s Wellness Café combining organic plant-based ingredients with a touch of molecular gastronomy and an aesthete’s finesse.

Conveying more than just healthy, sustainable meals, Olsson, known professionally as Tora Flora, delivers a unique and memorable experience for diners. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy and a Master’s in Food and Meal Science, molecular gastronomy has become a way for Tora to create unique dining experiences to cleanse diners’ palates of any preconceptions about plant-based foods.  By experimenting with unusual flavour combinations and cooking techniques, Olsson creates beautiful, tasty and entertaining dishes that aren’t just salads.

Working with Amilla’s talented team of chefs, Tora will be reimagining the lunch menu at the resort’s energising Wellness Café at Javvu Spa to serve up creative dishes centred on balancing wellness of the body and mind with nutritious plant-based food inspired by the resort’s surroundings. Packed full of flavour and fresh ingredients, dishes will include the likes of Foggy Days, smoked zucchini falafel served with chilli marinated mixed vegetables and a creamy avocado dressing; I Do, creamy cauliflower and almond soup with blueberry/ginger drops, topped with fresh herbs and sparkling wine; Sea Breeze, fuchsia cauliflower, bright green asparagus and haricots verts garnished with flowers and vegan cream cheese; and Summer Snow, a delicate flower immersed in a strawberry pearl with an array of marinated rhubarb twists, strawberries and caramelised maple syrup, topped with wild strawberry snow-bubbles.  Dedicated to sourcing unprocessed seasonal ingredients and championing plant-based dishes, many of Chef Tora’s creations will become permanent fixtures on the Wellness Cafe lunch menu, complementing Javvu Spa’s renowned treatments to offer a nurturing wellbeing journey for guests.  

On selected nights, Chef Tora will also be hosting a molecular vegan experience through a spectacular seven course tasting menu for up to 30 guests. Combining food, art and science, each dish on the exclusive menu will present a whole new experience for diners with an emphasis on the senses; exploring the story behind the ingredients, texture, taste, appearance and season. All enriched by the serene beachside bliss of the island’s foodie hub Baazaar. 

The seven-course Tora Flora Food tasting menu costs USD$120++ per person.

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