Tourist Arrivals to the Maldives Hikes Up by 8.1%


According to recent statistics by the Tourism Ministry, there has been an 8.1% increase in tourist visits to the Maldives this July compared to the same time last year. The statistics indicate that in July 2017, 113,175 holidaymakers visited the ar- chipelago, while in July 2018 the figure reached 122,332.

China remains the largest single-mar- ket tourist supplier to the Maldives with a total of 33,227 Chinese travellers this July. Although in July 2017, there was an arrival of 34,276 tourists from China which shows a decline of 3.1% this year.

The United Kingdom is the second largest single-market supplier of tour- ists to the country after China, and still remains the number one tourist mar- ket contributor from the European re- gion with a total of 8,421 holidaymaker entrants in July 2018. This is a 9.3% in- crease from the 7,705 British travellers who visited the island nation last July.

From Asia and the Pacific, India takes its place as the second largest contrib- utor of tourists to the country this July with 5,694 tourist arrivals; a 5.7% in- crease from its 5,386 tourists during the same month in 2017.

This year, there is a 60% increase in tourists from Thailand with 3,427 Thai arrivals in July 2018 compared to the 2,142 arrivals last July. In addition to that, Australia also displays a positive climb in numbers with a 32.7% in- crease this year; from 2,731 Australian guests last July to 3,625 this July.

Asia & the Pacific region provided a total of 61,309 tourists to the country this July, while Europe provided 47,603 tourists. Although Asia & the Pacific supplied the most number of tourists for the month of July 2018, Europe provided the highest figure of total tourists for the year starting from Janu- ary to the end of July 2018 with 419,991 total visitors compared to the 351,851 visitors from Asia & the Pacific

Looking at the European tourist mar- ket, Germany keeps its standing as the second largest tourist contributor from the region with a total of 6,932 tourists making their way to Maldivian resorts in July 2018. In 2017 German visits to the Maldivian islands in July was only

slightly less, with 6,830 tourists, in- creasing the German market by 1.5% this year.

France shows promising growth in tourist numbers, with 2,043 tourists visiting this July, while in 2017 the French travellers visiting during the the same month reached only 1,504, marking a 35.8% increase. Italy follows closely with 4,644 tourists visiting the Maldives this July, which is a 25.6% in- crease from 3,698 visitors in July 2017.

Overall, from January to the end of July 2017, there were a total of 770,715 tourist arrivals, while during the same period in 2018, the total is 848,847 ar- rivals, a +10.1% increase. Out of the to- tal number of tourists who visited the island nation by the end of July, 52% were female and 48% were male.