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A Guide to Visiting the Maldives During Ramadan in 2024

The Maldives, a picturesque archipelago nestled in the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and luxurious resorts. For travelers planning a visit during Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, experiencing the Maldives’ unique culture and traditions can be an enriching and memorable experience. Here’s a guide to navigating the Maldives during Ramadan:

Understanding Ramadan in the Maldives:

Ramadan is a month-long period of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community for Muslims worldwide. In the Maldives, where Islam is the official religion, Ramadan holds special significance. The local population observes fasting from dawn until sunset, refraining from food, drink, smoking, and other indulgences during daylight hours.


Respect Local Customs:

While the Maldives remains a popular tourist destination during Ramadan, visitors are encouraged to respect local customs and sensitivities. It’s important to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites or local communities. Public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum out of respect for the local culture.

Dining and Activities:

During Ramadan, many restaurants and cafes in the Maldives adjust their operating hours to accommodate those fasting. Visitors can still enjoy delicious Maldivian cuisine, albeit at different times of the day. Sehri, the pre-dawn meal, and Iftar, the meal to break the fast at sunset, are significant events in the local culinary calendar. Tourists can join in these experiences at their resorts or opt for dining establishments that cater to non-fasting guests.

Cultural Events and Festivities:

Ramadan brings a sense of unity and community spirit to the Maldives. Visitors may have the opportunity to partake in various cultural events and festivities, such as Ramadan bazaars, where locals gather to shop for traditional foods and goods. Additionally, special prayers and religious lectures are held at mosques throughout the month, providing insight into Islamic practices and beliefs.

Respect Prayer Times:

Prayer is an integral part of daily life for Muslims, and visitors should be mindful of prayer times when planning activities or excursions. It’s common to hear the call to prayer, known as the Adhan, echoing across the islands throughout the day. During prayer times, it’s customary for businesses and activities to pause briefly out of respect.

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