The Arrival

“A Moment in Time” Christmas and New Year’s Eve Festivities Unveiled at Oaga Art Resort, Maldives

Oaga Art Resort, located in the heart of the Maldives, is preparing to organize a series of joyous festivities under the theme “A Moment in Time.” It promises an out-of-the-ordinary celebration, providing guests with an immersive experience that blends the beauty of the Maldives with the appeal of art.

Getting ready for Christmas Eve

The festivities begin on December 20th, as the sun sets over turquoise waters with the Liquid Groove DJ Pool Party. The Christmas mood continues to pervade the environment with the Christmas Tree Toast on the 21st, which begins with a Tree Lighting Ceremony to the soothing sound of Saif’s harp, and is followed by live music at Raa Baa, the main bar, courtesy of the local talent known as Naail Trio.
The Merry Market opens in the main restaurant, Kaa Kada, on the 22nd of December, followed by the Garden of Gingerbread, where guests can demonstrate their talent by decorating gingerbread men. The night continues with the Mix & Mingle Soiree at Sobi Bar, the beer and gin garden, with live music by Shiuz, their very own Vibe Director.


Artistic Vibes and Christmas Feasts

Raa Baa transforms into a local artist popup exhibition on Christmas Eve, beginning at noon. This Suvsthi Veyoge Caravan show will feature “Of the Palm,” a selection of artwork by local artist Hassan Niyaz that explores the sacred language between man and craft, from the 24th to the 29th. Later in the evening, a festive feast will be served at Kaa Kada, followed by a Christmas Movie Night and live music by the talented local artist Shiuz.Christmas Day itself promises a festive brunch at Kaa Kada, followed by Santa Claus’ arrival in Oaga. The festivities continue with live music byDupa Trio during Christmas brunch, a Christmas show by Valerie Sealey (Solstix),and a beach party with DJ Afruh

The last Full Moon of the Year

The resort’s lively vitality continues as the year comes to a conclusion. On December 26th, guests at Raa Baa Beach may enjoy sun-kissed rhythms with DJ Afruh, live music by Naffah, and an O-Fire bonfire with live music by Zaki. The full moon ceremony with Hoba Spa to honor the year’s final full moon takes place on the 27th, followed by a Handhuvaru Sound Healing Concert at Hoba Deck beach and finishing in a Moonlit full moon afterparty.

Warming up for New Year’s Eve

From the 27th to the 29th, there will be jewelry-making workshops with the multi-talented Cinta Damerell. On the 28th, guests can enjoy Maldivian food at Kaa Kada, followed by live music at Raa Baa by Dupa Trio. The golden hour evening cocktail party on the 29th will be made extra spectacular with flyboard performances, with local artist Amruh serenading on the violin later in the night.

New Year’s Eve – A Moment to Ash

New Year’s Eve at Oaga Art Resort promises to be an unforgettable night ofcherished moments. The evening begins with a gala dinner at Kaa Kada, followed by a DJ party at Raa Baa Beach featuring DJ Afruh. As the clock strikes 11:45 PM, travellers will participate in the “Moment to Ash” ceremony, symbolising the
burning away of the past year’s moments with fireworks lighting up the sky afterwards in celebration.

Welcoming the New Year 2024

The first day of 2024 begins with a rejuvenating New Year’s brunch, followed by a New Year ritual at Hoba Deck, live music by Dupa Trio and an outdoor movie night at Raa Baa. The festivities continue in the days that follow with a sculpting workshop by Cinta Damerell alongside a pool party, live music by local duo
Something Lovely, a Boduberu pool party with Harubee, and a bonfire art exhibition with live music at Raa Baa. On the 5th of January, guests can experience a Galactic Gallery – a bonfire art exhibition at night with live music at Raa Baa. Simultaneously, an immersive sound installation inside Samaasaa, based on the Maldivian musical giant Zero Degree Atoll’s “Dhoni” Album, awaits at the other end of the island. The celebration comes to a grand finale on the 6th of January with live music by local talents Yani & Iqyan, followed by the Wave Rave – a beach party with DJ Afruh.

Oaga invites you to join in this momentous celebration with an unbeatable offer, where time stands still and memories are etched in the heart forever.

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