About Us

Another year is almost reaching its end, and it seems that time has flown out the window. With time, though, comes great evolution – and I’m not talking about the theory by Charles Darwin. What I’m talking about is the evolution of the Maldivian Travel and Tourism Indus- try, in all its fame and glory.

People all over the world are becoming more and more aware. Needs and values are shift- ing. Sustainability and giving priority to the environment are becoming the new norms. Art and design are becoming increasingly more appreciated than ever before. The country’s first multi-island integrated resort destination is slowly materialising, and on top of that, with the rise of charming little guest houses popping up all over the country, the Maldives is now actually affordable to a much larger market!

With that, I would like to welcome you to the very first issue of The Arrival Travel Tabloid, released under Maldives Tabloid Pvt Ltd. Through this tabloid, you can explore the col- lection of utopian islands scattered within the Indian ocean like jewels. Every month, The Arrival Travel Tabloid opens up the Maldives to readers with absolutely no compromise on the sheer opulence and style of this fantastical destination. Each article and photograph has been carefully crafted and selected to take you on a journey through the tiny island nation, giving you a true sense of each stop.

We, at The Arrival Travel Tabloid, aim to redefine Maldivian travel news, bringing you a genuine and reliable source for all things travel. We are bringing forth professional recom- mendations and guidance to both the travel industry, as well as travellers.

This tabloid has been exclusively tailored for hospitality professionals in the Maldives and in Asia. Our goal is to reach you – the general managers, owners and investors of luxury resorts, high-end tour operators, guesthouse operators, resort suppliers, airlines and oth- er industry leaders throughout the Maldives and Asia – and become your top choice and partner in travel news.