The Arrival

Al Shaali Marine’s Expo Spotlight

Al Shaali Marine, celebrated as the official boat-building partner and a leading figure in marine craft manufacturing, has introduced an enigmatic new product at the recently concluded Maldives Marine Expo 2024. The highly anticipated launch, which took place at Central Park Hulhumalé, captured the attention of attendees with its blend of innovation and craftsmanship.

The Magellan 32 with a capacity of 8 passengers will bring a revolutionary change to the intended market, which includes enthusiasts of pleasure fishing, as well as guesthouses and resorts seeking high-quality options for excursion and fishing activities. This strategic move is expected to reinforce Al Shaali Marine’s already impressive standing in the marine industry.

Al Shaali Marine has a distinguished track record in boat manufacturing, including the construction of ferries for the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC). This proficiency is further highlighted by their significant role in the Rajje Transport Link (RTL) project, where Al Shaali Marine was commissioned to build 65 boats at its boat yard in Thilafushi.


The new product revealed at the Marine Expo 2024 is available to be pre-ordered with industry players already enlisted for the product.

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