The Arrival


Atmosphere Core, the dynamic hospitality company, has unveiled significant changes in its leadership team, marking a strategic shuffle this year. This realignment aligns with the company’s overarching business strategy and a steadfast commitment to fostering leadership talent.

In August 2023, Rikard Nilsson, a seasoned Swedish culinary professional with over 35 years of experience, was appointed as the Vice President for Culinary at Atmosphere Core. His role encompasses overseeing the culinary strategy across three brands and eight resorts.

Christopher Baker joined as the General Manager of OBLU SELECT Lobigili & OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi in August 2023, contributing over 25 years of international experience and expertise in maintaining the highest performance standards.


Internally, four key movements took place:

  • Philippe Claverotte transitioned to a Special Task Force role overseeing upcoming projects after serving as the Vice President & General Manager of VARU By Atmosphere.
  • Mei P Pun assumed the role of General Manager of VARU By Atmosphere, succeeding Philippe Claverotte. She brings 20 years of international experience and a commitment to fostering a positive work environment.
  • Ram Bhoyroo shifted to the position of General Manager at Atmosphere Kanifushi from his previous role at OBLU SELECT Lobigili & OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi.
  • Lisa Gerosa took on the role of General Manager at OBLU SELECT Sangeli, moving from OBLU NATURE Helengeli, as part of Atmosphere Core’s initiative to develop internal talent.

Ashwin Handa, the Senior Vice President of Operations at Atmosphere Core, emphasized the company’s focus on cultivating internal talent, strategically redeploying general managers to enhance operational expertise and meet new challenges. These changes support Atmosphere Core’s expansion plans, business goals, and commitment to maintaining impeccable service standards.

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