The Arrival

BBC Commences the Development of the Creative Hub

Business Centre Corporation (BCC) has commenced the construction of the Creative Hub, which serves as a platform for creative and skilled individuals to showcase their talents. In the ceremony held in Sultan Park on the night of 4th March 2024, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed laid down the foundation stone for the creative hub, marking a new beginning for young entrepreneurs and artists.

The Maldives has always relied heavily on tourism and fisheries as its primary economic drivers. Nurturing a creative and skilled economy allows for diversification which reduces the dependence on these sectors. By fostering creative industries such as media, design, technology, and innovation, Maldives can establish new revenue streams and mitigate the risks associated with over-reliance on its primary sectors.

At the ceremony held at Sultan Park, BCC highlighted the importance of promoting technical and innovative fields within a creative economy, underscoring communication and knowledge-sharing as essential components. The corporation stressed the significance of offering a conducive work environment furnished with advanced technological appliances to meet the needs of professionals in these sectors.


The Deputy Managing Director of BCC Saamih Adam, emphasized on the growing number of self-employed talented individuals without a proper platform to develop and showcase their work. According to BCC, the Creator Hub is well positioned to enhance productivity in technical and innovative fields, both domestically and internationally. Saamih assures that the creative hub has great potential to support further development of a talented and innovative workforce, thereby boosting the economy’s overall performance and increasing profits for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The creative hub also not only promotes economic development, but also inclusivity, diversity, and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among Maldivian citizens. Creative initiatives which will result from the establishment of this platform will offer avenues for self-expression of youth and the personal development of industry professionals which are good steps towards improved quality of life in Maldives.

In February of the preceding year, the Creative Hub project was assigned to FEDO Private Limited. With 1500 acres designated for the development of the 11 story building, the Creative Hub is scheduled to launch in 2025. The completion of the building is reportedly expected within 400 days under a design-and-build policy.

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