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Canareef Resort takes Initiative for Sustainable Energy with Solar Panels

Resorts are often well positioned to contribute towards the protection and preservation of the environment through sustainable practices. Solar panels can shift resorts away from fossil fuels which goes a long way in environmental conservation and sustainability. Canareef resort is one such resort which is proving itself to be a guardian of the environment, dedicated to safekeeping the natural beauty of Maldives while showing off its glamor to travelers in a sustainable fashion.  

Located in the Maldives’ southern-most atoll, Canareef Maldives Resort offers guests a pristine retreat for guests who desire to visit the paradise in Maldives which is known for its turquoise waters and sandy white beaches. With a wide range of entertainment programs and recreational activities, Canareef guarantees a memorable time for its visitors. The resort is equipped with 271 beach villas, two restaurants, and three bars to ensure that guests can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Guests can go on adventures to a variety of diving spots, historical sites, and protected areas, or unwind in Canareef Eco Park and the resort’s spa.

Canareef Resort Maldives is now making a pivotal move towards sustainability with the installation of 720 solar panels, aimed at significantly reducing the resort’s carbon footprint. The resort’s dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible tourism practices is highlighted by this initiative.


Expected to be completed within a month, this extensive installation is set to transform the resort’s energy usage, generating an impressive 400 KW of power upon completion. The solar panels will cover both staff and guest areas, providing a renewable energy source for various operations across the resort, ensuring sustainability is integrated into all aspects of the guest experience.

With an anticipated 10% reduction in fuel consumption, the resort is taking bold steps towards energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, benefiting both the environment and the resort’s finances. Plans are already in motion to install two additional units, further solidifying Canareef Resort Maldives’ position as a sustainable tourism leader.

In addition to environmental benefits, adopting solar energy will lead to decreased generator maintenance, offering long-term cost savings and operational efficiency. By embracing solar power, Canareef Resort Maldives is taking the initiative to contribute to the use of sustainable practices to reduce its carbon footprint but also enhancing the guest experience through these measures.

Amid global climate challenges, Canareef Resort Maldives serves as an example of how the tourism industry can embrace renewable energy solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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