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China Extends Maintenance Works on Maldives’ Sinamale’ Bridge: Strengthening Infrastructure Partnership

China has signed a significant three-year extension for the free maintenance of the Sinamale’ Bridge in the Maldivian capital, solidifying its commitment to bolstering infrastructure in the island nation. The implementation agreement, inked by Infrastructure Minister Dr. Abdulla Muthalib and Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin, signifies a continued partnership between the two countries in enhancing critical infrastructure projects.

The project, entrusted to China Communications Construction Company Second Harbor Engineering Company Limited (CCCC SHEC), is valued at approximately USD 3.6 million. This extension encompasses the development of resources and the provision of technical expertise essential for the maintenance of the Sinamale’ Bridge, a vital link connecting Male’ City with suburban Hulhumale’ and Hulhule’ – home to the national airport.

According to the Infrastructure Ministry, the agreement encompasses various aspects, including the establishment of a maintenance records management system, assessments to identify maintenance issues, and efforts to enhance the capacity of local technicians to conduct maintenance works. The ultimate goal is to ensure the sustained functionality and safety of the bridge, a critical lifeline for transportation and economic activity in the Maldives.


Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Abdulla Muththalib emphasized the significance of the agreement, highlighting China’s support in maintaining the bridge and augmenting local capacity for infrastructure management. He reiterated that the extension builds upon the initial agreement signed in April 2023, demonstrating a shared commitment to long-term cooperation in infrastructure development.

Under the terms of the agreement, local technicians will undergo rigorous training to undertake maintenance tasks independently. Muththalib underscored the importance of empowering Maldivians to assume responsibility for bridge maintenance, ensuring sustainability and self-reliance in infrastructure management.

The agreement comes after a lapse in maintenance following the completion of the Sinamale’ Bridge in 2018. Minister Muththalib noted that while the bridge’s builder had initially overseen maintenance for two years, a subsequent gap in contract renewal led to a hiatus in maintenance activities. The extension addresses this gap, reaffirming both countries’ dedication to upholding the integrity of critical infrastructure assets.

The scope of the agreement encompasses a comprehensive range of tasks, including finishing and repair work, preventive maintenance, assessments for identifying maintenance needs, and the establishment of a robust record-keeping system. These measures aim to ensure proactive maintenance and timely intervention to address any issues that may arise, safeguarding the bridge’s longevity and functionality.

The Sinamale’ Bridge stands as a testament to the fruitful partnership between Maldives and China, with substantial investments totaling nearly USD 200 million. As the largest infrastructure project in the Maldives to date, the bridge serves as a symbol of progress and connectivity, facilitating economic growth and societal development.

With China’s continued support and collaboration, Maldives is poised to enhance its infrastructure resilience and capacity, paving the way for sustained prosperity and inclusive development across the archipelago. The extension of maintenance works on the Sinamale’ Bridge underscores the enduring partnership between the two nations and heralds a new chapter in infrastructure cooperation, bolstering Maldives’ resilience and readiness for future challenges.

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