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China Leads as The Top Market to Maldives as of 04 February 2024

As of 4th February 2024, China has become the leading travel market to Maldives with 25,303 arrivals while Russia comes a close second with 22,577.

Russia was the leading market for Maldives in January 2024 with 16,043 arrivals as of 24th January 2024 and it was the second top leading market to Maldives in 2023 while India was the overall top market of arrivals for Maldives. In December 2023, India had 209,198 arrivals with a market share of 11.1 and Russia had 209,146 arrivals.

There has been a total of 222,502 arrivals to Maldives so far, according to the statistics report published by the Ministry of Tourism. The Maldives has set the goal of achieving over 2 million tourist arrivals and 14.3 million bed nights for 2024.


Currently there is a market growth of 27.2 percent with a daily average of 7,529 arrivals. The average duration of stay in 2024 for arrivals is approximately 8.1 days.

In 2023, Maldives celebrated the arrival of 1,878,537 tourists throughout the year, surpassing the set target of 1.8 million arrivals. The milestone of one million tourist arrivals was achieved on 12th August 2023, followed by the 1.8 millionth arrival on 20th December 2023, meeting the annual goal.

According to statistics recently published by the Ministry of Tourism, the Maldives boasts an operational number of 176 resorts with 43,279 beds, 14 hotels with 1,940 beds, 809 guesthouses accommodating 13,657 beds, and 146 safari vessels adding 2,774 beds.

During the presidential address at the People’s Majilis on 5th February 2024, the President announced a pioneering plan to expand the tourism sector, including establishing 20 new resorts this year, adding 2,800 beds, and completing the development of undeveloped resorts.

The President additionally remarked on the Asministration’s ambitions to expand tourism services in the Maldives and highlighted the Government’s efforts to further tourism to the atolls, detailing plans to launch an “Asseyri Tourism” project for Addu City, which includes a seaplane hub. He also announced that plans to construct two new airports within the year are underway. These projects aim to expand transportation services and boost the economy with the expansion of Maldivian’s fleet.

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