The Arrival


Exciting outer space adventures are returning to the pristine shores of the Maldives! COMO Resorts invites guests to join a once-in-a-lifetime Space Camp experience led by none other than veteran NASA astronaut and aquanaut Nicole Stott, from 5th to 17th August 2024. With a stellar lineup of activities, these camps promise a fusion of education, exploration, and inspiration like never before.  

Nicole Stott who will be hosting the 2 editions of the space camp has an impressive resume with two spaceflights under her belt and a cumulative 104 days spent in space. Beyond her stellar achievements and experiences in space exploration, Stott intertwines her astronaut and aquanaut experiences with artistic expression, aiming to instill a profound appreciation for our interconnectedness as inhabitants of Spaceship Earth. 

As the visionary founder of the Space for Art Foundation, Stott endeavors to bring together children from across the globe through the captivating lens of space exploration and the art. The foundation harnesses the boundless curiosity and wonder inspired by space to spark creativity and promote healing through artistic expression.



At COMO Maalifushi, guests embark on an immersive Space Camp experience led by Stott and space advisor Christina Korp from 5th to 14th August. This camp promises an enchanting blend of art, food, and movement, offering both children and adults the chance to explore outer space in unique and creative ways. Dive into galactic gastronomy with a stellar dinner under the stars, where Stott will regale guests with her adventures aboard the International Space Station while indulging in a specially crafted menu. Join in the “Postcards to Space” project, where guests can send their own hopes and dreams for the future into orbit, to be returned as a cherished keepsake with a “flown in space” stamp.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Engage in snorkeling safaris, beach clean-ups, and even leave your mark on a spacesuit through art. Experience the universe under the ocean’s surface, exploring pristine corals and encountering fascinating marine life, all while gaining insight into the rigorous training required for space exploration.


The second edition of the space camp which is held at COMO Cocoa Island from 16th to 17th August offers guests the opportunity to dive deep into the universe beneath the waves with Stott. Guests can explore the ocean floor, guided by the expertise of a NASA aquanaut, as they discover the secrets of the deep blue and the cosmos beyond. Curious minds can engage in enlightening conversations with Stott as she shares her experiences as an aquanaut and her rigorous training for space missions. The taste buds will be delighted with a specially curated menu shared beneath the twinkling stars, all while soaking in the tales of celestial voyages from your astronaut host.

These Space Camps are not just about adventure; they’re about fostering a deeper connection to our planet and the cosmos. Through the lens of art and science, Stott aims to inspire a new generation of explorers and stewards of our planet. The Space for Art Foundation, founded by Stott, underscores this mission, uniting children worldwide through the awe of space exploration and the healing power of art.

So, whether you want to lose yourself within the stars from the sandy shores of COMO Cocoa Island or delve into the depths of the ocean at COMO Maalifushi, book now to participate in this journey that will leave you spellbound.

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