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Health and Wellness Expo 2024 Set for April

Mau Holdings has officially announced the upcoming Health and Wellness Expo 2024, scheduled to unfold in April. A joint venture of MV Medicals and Salt Water, this dynamic exhibition is set to transpire on April 18th, 19th, and 20th at Central Park in Hulhumalé , aiming to strengthen the health sector in the Maldives.

This expo holds a singular focus on enhancing the Maldivian healthcare ecosystems by introducing businesses to cutting-edge technologies and services. It also strives to bridge the gap between the public and these advancements with greater accessibility. Beyond technological showcases, the event envisions to generate awareness in the community regarding available healthcare options and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. This initiative is designed to empower the public to easily access quality healthcare services, both locally and in the surrounding region.

The Health and Wellness Expo 2024 not only serves as a pivotal platform for healthcare providers in the Maldives but also encourages participation from international counterparts. It offers a unique opportunity for these providers to share insights into their services and products with both businesses and the general public. Healthcare entities eager to participate in this impactful expo are encouraged to initiate contact via email. Upon registration, comprehensive instructions and details will be promptly provided.

  • To participate in the expo, please contact the following email address or number.

+960 9743142    /

Established in 2014, MV Medicals aims to elevate the Maldivian medical industry by introducing world-class facilities and technologies from South Asia. MV Medicals also provides timely health updates and promotes partner establishments, offering a platform for business expansion in the expanding medical industry of the Maldives.

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