The Arrival

Heritance Aarah welcomes distinguished Michelin-Starred Chef Pascal Aussignac

Heritance Aarah has announced the arrival of renowned Michelin-starred chef Pascal Aussignac, who will be showcasing his culinary talents at the Ambula Restaurant from March 28th to April 1st. Guests have been invited to indulge in a special 7-course meal personally curated by the famed Chef Pascal.

Known for its exceptional dining experience, the Premium All-Inclusive resort aims to elevate its culinary experiences with these exclusive dinners hosted by Chef Pascal. Amidst the tranquil atmosphere of Heritance Aarah, diners will savor Chef Pascal’s gastronomic creations, blending French sophistication with Maldivian charm.

Hailing from Toulouse, France, Chef Pascal’s culinary journey has been shaped by his passion for exquisite flavors and innovative cooking. With mentorship from esteemed chefs such as Gerard Vie, Alain Dutournier, and Guy Savoy, Pascal’s expertise has garnered him acclaim in London, where he oversees several acclaimed restaurants and bars alongside his business partner Vincent Labeyrie.


Chef Pascal’s accolades include multiple ‘Best in Taste’ awards at Taste of London with innovative dishes like the ‘Marmite Royale & Soldiers’ and ‘Foie Gras Burger with Truffle Chantilly’. There is no doubt that Chef Pascal has relentlessly pursued culinary excellence, thus earning him international recognition and admiration.

The Chef’s accomplishments have only been in creating novel French cuisine but also in guiding everyday people through the complexities of French cooking. Pascal’s book ‘Cuisinier Gascon: Meals from a Gascon Chef’ was published in 2009 and was awarded the Best French Cookbook by Gourmand Award. Chef Pascal’s book also received praise from the food legend Pierre Koffmann in the form of an introduction in his book ‘Memories of Gascony’. The chef also earned the title of the ‘Best International Dish’ in 2016 with his remarkable creation of the ‘Slow-cooked, truffled duck egg in the nest’ which highlights the chef’s culinary genius.

At Heritance Aarah, guests can explore diverse culinary delights across seven distinct dining venues, ranging from Asian and international cuisine at Ranba Restaurant to French and Italian delicacies at Ralu Restaurant. The Ambula Restaurant showcases exotic Sri Lankan and Maldivian flavors alongside an extensive vegan menu.

Enhancing the dining experience are five bars offering innovative cocktails and premium spirits, promising moments of delight and discovery. Guests are invited to join Heritance Aarah for an amazing culinary journey curated by Chef Pascal Aussignac’s expertise and ingenuity.

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