The Arrival

Island Buyout Escape at Nautilus Maldives

Nautilus Maldives is inviting guests for an escape to paradise and experience true luxury at The Nautilus Maldives, where every moment is tailored to their desires. From the moment guests touch down at Velana International Airport, their journey begins with unparalleled VIP treatment. Guests forget about the hassles of immigration and customs as they are whisked away to a private lounge, where every detail is handled with care.

The adventure continues with a choice of exclusive transfers to the island havens of Nautilus Maldives. Whether guests opt for a scenic seaplane ride or a leisurely yacht journey, each route offers its own enchanting vistas, setting the stage for the extraordinary experience.

Nestled in the pristine Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, The Nautilus Maldives boasts 26 luxurious beach and ocean houses, ensuring unparalleled privacy and seclusion. Guests can immerse themselves in a world of luxury, where each moment is crafted to perfection. Indulge in exquisite dining experiences, rejuvenate the senses with bespoke spa treatments, or embark on thrilling underwater adventures amidst the majestic manta rays at Hanifaru Bay.


At The Nautilus, guests are the sole inhabitant of their own private island paradise. With everything meticulously tailored to guest preferences, everyone is free to create unforgettable memories with their loved ones, unrestricted by schedules or limitations.

Guests can choose from two exclusive buyout options and make The Nautilus their own personal sanctuary. Whether you are seeking a romantic retreat for two or a lavish gathering with friends and family, Nautilus Maldives ensures that every moment is imbued with unparalleled luxury and exclusivity.

Guests are encouraged to take a good look at this offer and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience unlike any other, where every desire is fulfilled and every dream realized. At The Nautilus Maldives, the possibilities are endless, and the experience is truly extraordinary. The time is here to elevate your holiday to new heights with Nautilus Maldives and discover the ultimate in luxury and freedom.

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