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Maldives Collaborate with USAID on Eco-Tourism Expansion

The Ministry of Tourism has announced plans to develop eco-tourism initiatives with the support of USAID.

The announcement was made during a special event held on February 19th, to unveil the eco-tourism framework. With the aim to diversify and enhance Maldives’ tourism sector, the project will focus on promoting environmentally responsible tourism practices and experiences.

This initiative underscores the Maldives’ commitment to fostering sustainable tourism practices while expanding its appeal to environmentally conscious travellers.


Speaking at the event, Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal stated that it is time for Maldives to diversify the tourism segments and focus on the development of areas that will further strengthen Maldives as the leading destination to visit.

He noted that recent studies show that most travelers are eco-conscious and look into the sustainable practices implemented by destinations before choosing their ideal holiday destination.

In addition to this, he highlighted the importance of introducing sustainable practices through the eco-framework to further promote Maldives and strengthen its position in the world.

The Ministry of Tourism is set to compile a list of locations throughout the Maldives that offer exceptional natural environments suitable for eco-tourism activities. Efforts will be made to establish environmentally conscious tourism facilities in these selected areas.

An additional priority of the initiative is to develop a ranking system for tourism service providers based on their environmental sustainability practices. Furthermore, the Ministry will designate specific zones across the Maldives dedicated to eco-tourism activities.

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