The Arrival

Maldives Geared Up for Record New Year & Christmas Rush with Expanded Private Jet Parking

This holiday season, Velana International Airport (VIA) in the Maldives is bracing for a record influx of private jets, fueled by the allure of Christmas and New Year in paradise. Anticipating this annual surge, the Maldives Airports Company has strategically expanded its parking capacity to accommodate 68 private jets, a significant increase from the previous 38.

This expanded area, spanning 27,257 square meters in front of the fuel farm (with an additional 27,590 square meters available), ensures smooth operations and caters to the growing demand for private jet travel to the Maldives.

The increase in private jet arrivals comes amidst a surprising jump in domestic air movements. With a total of 1.8 million tourists arriving in the Maldives, the archipelago is experiencing a bustling holiday season across all travel segments.

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