The Arrival

Maldives Tourism Up 15% in Q1 2024

The Ministry of Tourism has revealed that the Maldives has welcomed more than 466,000 tourists since the beginning of this year.

As of March 9, data from the Tourism Ministry indicates a significant increase, with a total of 466,273 tourists arriving in the country. This reflects a surge of 15.2 percent compared to the same period last year, which saw 404,898 visitors.

China plays a pivotal role in this uptick, contributing 56,181 visitors and constituting 12 percent of the total arrivals. Russia follows closely with 44,222 arrivals, while Italy and the UK trail with 42,770 and 40,448 arrivals, respectively.


Other contributors include Germany (29,196 visitors), India (28,298 arrivals), France (18,365), the United States (14,405), Poland (11,078), and Switzerland (10,120). The positive trend in  tourism figures illustrate the Maldives’ appeal on the global travel stage.

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