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MATI hosts the 2nd edition of the MATI Member Forum

The Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) concluded the 2nd edition of the MATI Member Forum on December 14, 2023. Senior government officials and MATI members attended the ceremony, which was held at H.Meerumaa in Male’.

Senior Governmental officials included the Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy Hon. Thoriq Ibrahim, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Hon. Mohamed Saeed, Minister of Higher Education, Labour and Skills Development Hon. Dr. Maryam Mariya and Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Tourism.

The key areas of the MATI Member Forum’s 2nd Edition focused on resort sector employment concerns as well as limiting the effect of extreme weather occurrences and climate change-related hazards. During the hearings, the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) also explained their justification for Detail Design Reports for existing resorts’ water and sewerage, electricity, and waste management systems. The Maldives Airports Company Limited also provided updates and work on the new Velana International Airport Terminal.


The Forum concluded with remarks and a short presentation on Tourism Industry performance by the Secretary General of MATI, Mr. Ahmed Nazeer. He stressed the importance of such an event where key stakeholders get together for discussions on pressing issues and challenges of the tourism industry as well as to share experiences and knowledge. He also requested for a greater collective effort, together with Governmental agencies in finding meaningful solutions to the issues and challenges faced by the Industry. In terms of Tourism Industry performance, he highlighted concerns over the increasing number of unutilised beds which in turn was leading to declining occupancy levels.

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