The Arrival

“MS Hamburg” Returns to the Maldives After 6 Years

The luxury cruise liner “MS Hamburg” is set to make a significant return to the Maldives after a hiatus of six years on 24th February. The last visit from MS Hamburg was in 2018, and its upcoming return is expected to contribute positively to tourism in Addu, with a focus on Gan.

The presence of MS Hamburg is not merely a routine visit; it represents a potential revitalization of tourism activities in the region. Dubbed by some travelers as the ‘ cruise ship for the discerning’ the German cruise liner with a sturdy built and 6 decks has 50% repeat rate.

Addu, Gan, being the focal point of this visit, stands to benefit from increased tourist influx and economic activity. As tourists disembark for excursions and activities, local businesses such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and tour operators are poised to experience a surge in demand. 


As the MS Hamburg docks once again in the Maldives, the local communities, businesses, and tourism authorities are gearing up to provide a warm welcome. The return of this luxury cruise liner is not only a highly-anticipated event for Addu, Gan, but it also aligns with broader efforts to revive and sustain the tourism sector in the Maldives.

MS Hamburg’s comeback after six years is set to invigorate economic activity and reignite interest in Maldivian waters, with special attention to the exceptional ecosystem of Addu. Positioned a few degrees south of the equator, Addu features plentiful marshlands and freshwater mangroves, creating a haven for diverse fish, seabirds, and crustaceans. The region’s southern charm is primed to steal the spotlight, inviting travelers to explore its unique cultural heritage with remnants of the British influence, unspoiled beaches, and dynamic marine biodiversity.

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