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This airport has more global flight connections than anywhere else in the world

Airports flying high

Some airports rank highest for passenger volume, such as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, which served close to 94 million travelers last year. Others excel in passenger satisfaction in North America, such as those in Detroit and Minneapolis, which triumphed in a new study by J.D. Power. A few lead the way when it comes to innovation, such as Singapore’s showstopper Changi Airport, which is about to introduce automated immigration clearance, meaning passengers can transit through it passport-free.

However, there are three international airports that punch above their weight when it comes to their rich array of connecting flights around the world.

London Heathrow is No. 1, according to a new report by aviation data firm OAG, followed by New York’s JFK and Amsterdam’s Schiphol. World-class cities need world-class airports after all, and the top five is rounded out by two Asian megahubs: Kuala Lumpur International and Tokyo Haneda.

Destination inspiration

When planning vacation itineraries, you really can’t go wrong by checking out local UNESCO World Heritage sites: It’s the unofficial stamp of a quality day out.

A bunch more places have just been added to the UNESCO list, offering fresh inspiration for future travels, including prehistoric earthworks in Ohio and Bale Mountains National Park in Ethiopia. There were also a couple of decisions that sparked controversy, such as the addition of West Bank’s ancient Jericho ruins and the exclusion of Venice from UNESCO’s  heritage in danger list.

A top-notch vacation is nicely supplemented by a top-notch hotel, wherever you’re headed. A new ranking of the world’s 50 best hotels was announced Tuesday, with the top prize going to a luxurious 24-key property in Lake Como that opened just last year.


Flying tips and tricks

So it’s no mystery that air travel itself can be frustrating enough to make us weep, but why do many of us find ourselves tearful when in an airplane cabin at 35,000 feet? The answer is there are both psychological and physical factors at play: Here’s why.

Of course, it doesn’t help if we’re sleep-deprived either. Catching some shut-eye when flying long-haul is hard, but there are several ways we can help ourselves achieve better sleep beyond the usual tips such as using a neck pillow and avoiding alcohol. One surprising tip is to keep your feet off the ground

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Making tracks

Luxury rail enthusiasts have a couple of new trips they can add to their wish list.

In February 2024, The Eastern & Oriental Express, A Belmond Train will launch two seasonal round-trip journeys out of Singapore that take in the landscapes of its northern neighbor, Malaysia.

And also launching next year, Italy has a new program of tourist-focused trains, using vintage locomotives on popular vacation routes. The feather in the cap will be the long-distance, super-luxury Orient Express Dolce Vita train, which will bring five-star, 1960s-style glamor to 16,000 kilometers of railway line from Italy’s north to south.

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