The Arrival

“Three Weeks into 2024, Surge in Chinese Tourist Arrivals Marks Promising Start, Reflecting Growing Tourism Trend”

The first three weeks of 2024 have seen tourist arrivals surpassing 128,000, with statistics indicating a significant rise in the number of Chinese visitors.
Statistics show that until January 21st, we have received 128,548 visitors, reflecting an impressive 11% increase compared to the same period last year, where the visitor count stood at 115,187.
The Maldives currently leads in tourist arrivals from Russia, recording 14,495 guests. Italy follows closely as the second-highest contributor with 13,965 tourists, while the United States secures the third position with 10,689 visitors. China has moved to the fourth position with a total of 10,113 guests. India, previously holding the third position, has now shifted to the fifth spot with a total of 10,113 guests.
Efforts to boost Chinese tourism have seen recent developments, including the initiation of a new airline from China catering to travel to the Maldives. Presently, there are four additional airlines in the process of establishing connections to further enhance the influx of guests from China.

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