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Amidst the serene turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, a hidden gem awaits at
Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. Offering an exquisite tropical escape, this idyllic retreat presents
the “Beyond Happiness – A Sandbank Wedding” package, a distinctive opportunity for couples seeking an
intimate and exclusive wedding celebration. This unique experience artfully captures the essence of love
against the backdrop of the Maldivian sea, redefining the concept of romantic destination weddings.
The “Beyond Happiness – A Sandbank Wedding” package extends an invitation to couples to partake in a
singular celebration amidst the gentle rhythms of the ocean breeze. Set against the backdrop of the
sandbank, only revealed during low tides, this offering provides an enchanting stage for wedding
ceremonies and delightful lunch receptions.

Upon setting foot ashore, guests are greeted with effervescent bubbles, the melodious beats of boduberu
music, and an elegant dance, setting the tone for a memorable event. The ceremony commences with a
heartfelt wedding blessing, followed by a sumptuous lunch or early dinner featuring a splendid seafood
barbecue, showcasing the freshest ocean catches.

Starting from USD 4,400, the Sandbank package curates an experience that encompasses a meticulously
designed floral arrangement accompanied by a stunning floral arch. The gentle melodies of boduberu music
infuse the ambiance with cultural richness. To enhance relaxation, the package offers a spa treatment to
pamper the couple prior to their special moment. The experience culminates with a delectable wedding
cake and a carefully curated four-course wedding dinner, weaving together flavors to perfection.
For those seeking added enchantment, an intimate beach dinner beneath the Maldivian night sky is
available for an additional fee. Every aspect is thoughtfully curated, ensuring that cherished memories are
woven into the fabric of the day.


As the sun sets over the tranquil Maldivian waters, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa stands poised
to transcend the conventional, presenting an unforgettable experience that celebrates love, elegance, and
nature’s beauty. The “Beyond Happiness – A Sandbank Wedding” package promises to create an enduring
memory, celebrating the most precious union of all.

Additionally, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa offers an “Island Buy-Out” option, allowing couples
to reserve the entire island for their dream wedding. This exceptional offering grants access to an expansive
850 x 300-meter retreat, inclusive of sandy beaches, water sports amenities, and luxurious

For inquiries, bookings, and further details about the “Beyond Happiness – A Sandbank Wedding” package,
guests can contact the resort via email at

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