The Arrival

Today celebrates the arrival of 1.8 million tourists to the Maldives!

According to the Tourism Ministry, tourist arrivals in the Maldives are expected to exceed 1.8 million today.

The Tourism Ministry, together with the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), will honor the arrival of the 1.8 millionth tourist at Velana International Airport.

The 1.8 millionth tourist is expected to arrive in the Maldives around 14:30pm today.


The Maldives welcomed the 1 millionth tourist for the year 2023 on July 16th. The 1 millionth tourist arrival figure was achieved on August 12th last year.

1 Millionth Tourist of Maldives 2023

With 200,200 arrivals as of December 18, Russia remained the leading tourist market visiting the Maldives. India comes in second with 199,187 visitors.


  • Russia 200,200
  • India 199,187
  • India 199,187
  • United Kingdom 148,113
  • Germany 129,436
  • Italy 106,225
  • USA 71,068
  • France 46,638
  • Spain 39,063
  • South Korea 35,370

The Maldives, which was recently named the World’s Leading Destination for the fourth year in a row at the 2023 World Travel Awards, had initially targeted 1.8 million tourist arrivals this year, but later revised the figure to 1.9 million – the highest number of tourists ever recorded in the country’s history.

With 1.7 tourists, the country experienced its largest tourist visits in 2019.

According to the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO), the country would get 2.01 million tourists next year.

Reaching 1.8 million tourists is a significant milestone for the Maldives, showcasing its growing appeal as a top global destination. This achievement signifies the country’s remarkable allure, breathtaking landscapes, and its ability to attract travelers seeking unparalleled beauty and luxury experiences. It also underlines the Maldives’ resilience and commitment to hospitality and tourism despite global challenges, cementing its status as a premier travel hotspot.

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