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Zamani Islands: Atoll Estates Announces Eight-Island “Lifestyle Destination”

Atoll Estates has announced the development of Zamani Islands – a luxurious lifestyle destination in the Maldives’ South Male Atoll. Set within an idyllic natural lagoon, the retreat will span eight islands and feature three exclusive resorts.

The hotly anticipated destination – which is set to launch its first phase in spring 2026 – is situated 21 nautical miles from the Maldives’ main international airport. Atoll Estates brought in resort master planner Killa Design to turn its ambitious plans into reality.

What can you expect from the new retreat? Zamani Islands will be home to the Maldives’ first superyacht marina and yacht club. The founders and curators of Atoll Estates – Amit Majumder and Dmitry Bourtov – are also hoping to transform the new destination into the first 100% clean, renewable energy-powered resort in the Maldives.


 “Zamani Islands is our commitment to crafting sustainable luxury, embracing thoughtful design, and prioritising the well-being of our guests and team. With a nod to diversity and a sincere desire to expand the market, we aim to create a destination where genuine care and innovation converge, offering an experience that resonates with the mind, the heart, and the conscience.”

Zamani Islands is set to launch its “first phase” in spring 2026, which involves a collection of private estates and mansions available for residential purchase. This all-suite resort harmonises with the Marina, operating independently yet symbiotically. It offers 201 keys (197 one-bedroom suites, three two-bedroom suites, and a three-bedroom suite), featuring diverse F&B, entertainment, and retail experiences.

Public spaces, retail, entertainment, and a beach club are accessible to non-residents, enhancing its inclusive allure. The berth comes with full-service facilities including crew amenities, provisioning, maintenance and a yacht club.

Ownership also comes with “unrestricted access” to the resorts and facilities, including three spas (one of which is the “first medical spa in the Maldives”) and 28 food and beverage venues. The resort’s culinary “crown jewel”, however, will be the Maldives’ largest underwater restaurant.

Zamani Islands places sustainability at its core, aiming to become the Maldives’ first 100% renewable energy-powered property, prioritising sustainability through BIPV (Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic) and highly energy-efficient buildings. The project emphasises sustainable materials, Agri-Photovoltaics, and indoor farming for food production.

With a comprehensive waste strategy, including responsible packaging and recycling, the development aims for zero waste, employing innovative upcycling methods and offering waste management support to neighbouring resorts and local communities.

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