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Air France Airbus A330 Diverts With Smell Of Smoke In Cockpit

On September 21st, an Air France Airbus A330-200 taking off from Paris Charles de Gaulle had to stop its climb about 10 minutes after becoming airborne. Prompted by the smell of smoke in the cockpit, the crew made the decision to return to the airport to deal with the abnormality. A Boeing 777-200 was dispatched as the flight’s replacement aircraft.

Incident details

The incident involves an A330-200 operated by Air France. Registered F-GZCA, the aircraft was performing flight AF912 from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to the capital of the West African nation of Cameroon, Yaoundé (YAO).

Per data, the aircraft departed at 16:32 local time, climbing out of Paris’ runway 26R. The Aviation Herald reported that the crew soon began to smell smoke in the cockpit – a smell that was electrical in nature. As a result, the climb was stopped at FL165 (approximately 16,500 feet).


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