The Arrival


Nova Maldives introduces a range of wellness rituals inspired by traditional Maldivian medicine. This ancient healing tradition blends Arab, Persian, Indian, Chinese, and Greek medicinal knowledge, emphasizing the healing properties of nature and the environment.

One of their offerings is the “Drift Away Treatment,” a 90-minute experience that harmonizes emotions, detoxifies the body, and enhances blood circulation. It incorporates Indian Mulberry leaves to address various health concerns.

The “Maldivian Serenity Treatment” includes the benefits of coconut oil and the Dhiggaa plant (sea hibiscus), known for its healing properties. This treatment aims to relax muscles and rejuvenate the skin.


Nova’s signature “Tropical Body Polish Treatment” involves a coconut and morning glory scrub, followed by a facial massage and craniosacral therapy.

All of these treatments are offered at the over water Eskape Spa at Nova Maldives, which features a serene environment with treatment rooms, a relaxation area, and a yoga pavilion.


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